Directed by: Mohamed Hamidi / Scenario: Mohamed Hamidi/ With: Gilles Lellouche, Malik Benthala / Comedy–1h30 / Courtesy of Eden Cinema / French with english and hebrew subtitles

Hip Paris entrepreneur Fred Bartel is in trouble. He's just won the contract of a lifetime, but government inspectors are threatening to shut down his company for tax fraud - and his only solution is worse than the problem! Fred and his trendy, pampered team have to move the business to an economically disadvantaged zone outside Paris. They're petrified about moving to this no-go zone.
Fred takes the plunge. Luckily he meets Samy, a local wheeler-dealer with a heart of gold, who shows him around the neighborhood. Fred's got to move and shake with the locals. He even has to hire some - the kind that Parisian hotshots would never even look at! With prejudice on both sides, it's a lot harder than expected. But they soon find that with common goals, each has a unique part to play. Can they rise above their differences and pull together to make this wacky new business scheme work ?


"In the heart of a parisian suburb, the duo formed by Malik Bentalha and Gilles Lellouche, offers us pure comic sequences." Le Parisien